2017 KIN Christmas Distribution

The KIN distribution took place December 21, 2017 at St. Anthony Parish Center. Over 42 families from throughout the Maple district were provided with toys and food.

What started as a small distribution on the Coletta front porch is now a well oiled machine run by many extremely talented people each with their own special skills.

As one student volunteer who shopped for a family said “I wasn’t even excited about opening my own presents on Christmas. All I could think about was the kids we bought presents for and how happy they must be.”

This is the thought that everyone who worked so hard should hold in their hearts this Christmas.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

KIN is so grateful for all of your donations.

Thank you to the Student Council and Northwestern High School 9th grade students for getting the all of the toy donations at the basketball games.

Thank you to Trinity Lutheran Church in Lake Nebegamon for the hand made 100 pillow cases and pillows.

Thank you to all the people that donated food for food baskets.

Thank you for those that donated money to shop for the children and those that shopped.

What a wonderful community we live in!


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